Nutrition Education & Contracting for groups and businesses

Our professional services include group nutrition education services and a variety of fun and informative nutrition events. We also provide nutrition contracting services to businesses, including medical professionals and non-medical businesses (caterers, chefs, etc.)

Supermarket Tours

Supermarket Shopping Tour

We can save you $$$ at the store & ensure you’ll eat healthier too! Learn about healthy, cheaper alternatives to foods you may be currently using, new foods/flavors to try, recipe ideas, and food safety tips (how to properly store foods, food additives, organic vs. non-organic, etc.).

Healthy Eating Classes

Healthy Eating Classes

We continually offer a variety of interesting nutrition classes on many different topics. Past classes have included information on the Mediterranean Diet, De-Mystifying Health Food, Vegetarian Eating, Dietary Ways to Reduce Heart Disease Risk, Diabetes Info & Support groups and weight management, among others.


Recipe Analysis & Modification

Concerned about the calories, salt, sugar, or fat in a favorite recipe, and want to give it a healthier spin? We can professionally analyze the recipe for its nutritional content. Using that data, we can then suggest healthier ingredient substitutions or modifications. Need to scale a recipe? We can do that too!

Evidenced-Based Nutrition Tailored for Your Group or Business Needs.

Diane R Dube, Master's degree, RDN, LDN, CDE
Diane R. Dube

Master’s degree, RDN, LDN, CDE

Registered Dietitian with over 20 years of dietetic experience.
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